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Want Optimum Protection and Safety?

Perfect Pitcher
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Replace your filter each month! Why?

You bought the Perfect pitcher to protect against contaminants in your water. Right? To achieve optimum protection as shown in our testing requires that you to change your filter once a month.

When Do I Change My Filter?

Sign up for our convenient replacement filter Automatic Monthly Delivery (AMD) and have a fresh new filter delivered each month. When do you change it? When it shows up at your door! You’ll never compromise your safety by drinking from an expired filter again.

Join the Club and Save

When you sign up for AMD, you will also save $5 each month. You will never forget to buy or change a filter and you will save $60 a year.

Safer. Easier. More convenient. Saves you $5 each month too.

Replacement Filter AMD.
The Smart Choice.

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