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pure hydrogen water
Clean Hydrogen Powered Water

Healthy Water Starts with CLEAN.

The Perfect Pitcher

Most popular brand pitchers are designed to only reduce chlorine taste and odor and a few other basic contaminants. Another popular pitcher removes many contaminants to impressive levels - but only when the filter is brand new!

How About a Pitcher that Does a Whole Lot More?

The Perfect Pitcher changes your questionable tap water into the cleanest, mineral rich, best tasting water. We have independent, EPA certified laboratory testing to prove it.  Learn More

We are not just Cleaner, we are also Greener!

Leading brand pitcher filters add to the plastic landfill problem. Our filter casings use a cutting edge technology that accelerates the biodegradation of plastics, offering a simple, effective solution to an enormous environmental challenge.

comparing water pitchers

Compare the Perfect Pitcher to The Leading Brands    Learn More

Convenient Replacements

Never drink contaminants through an expired filter again! Never have the hassle of forgetting to buy your replacement filter. Our easy to set up Automatic Monthly Delivery (AMD) is designed to deliver a fresh, top-performing filter to your door each month. Capacity is 40 gallons - Recommended replacement is monthly.

Designed to Optimize Hydrogen Power

The Perfect Pitcher filter releases magnesium, which optimizes the power of the H2Viva tablets. Clean water optimized for peak hydrogen performance.

Now that is a Perfect Pitcher!

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