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Hydrogen Tablets from H2Viva

H2Viva hydrogen tablets: easy, safe and full of potential benefit!

What are the H2Viva Hydrogen tablets?
H2Viva is an effervescent tablet that you drop into a 16-24 ounce water bottle (with an airtight cap). You wait 20 minutes and your water is transformed to contain dissolved molecular hydrogen or H2.

How do I Use the Tablets?
Drop the tablet into water and you’ll see it instantly start to effervesce, releasing a beautiful cloud of tiny, but incredibly powerful molecular H2 bubbles. The airtight cap on your bottle gives the H2 gas nowhere to go, dissolving it into the water and super-saturating it with the powerful health properties of hydrogen. Find Out More about the amazing benefits of H2 tablets.

Feel the Power and See the Power
After waiting 15 to 20 minutes (the longer the better), you’ll have the most potent concentration of molecular hydrogen you can find. H2Viva has no smell. It’s clear and tastes great, especially if you add a dash of lemon juice or other flavoring. Find out how to maximize your H2Viva experience.

How Safe are H2Viva Hydrogen Tablets?
Each H2Viva hydrogen tablet contains 50mg of magnesium - approximately 10% of the recommended daily intake. Feel confident drinking as much hydrogen as you wish. You cannot consume too much molecular hydrogen. In fact, research suggests that some disease models respond to higher dosages. Any excess H2 simply escapes exhaled as H2 gas. There are no known contraindications. H2 Supplement Facts Here.

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