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Why Supplement with Hydrogen or H2 Tablets?

benefits of hydrogen water

hydreogen water and disease prevention

H2 or diatomic hydrogen H2 Increases Your Energy

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the fuel that powers your cells during physical activity. ATP is especially important for athletes. Peer-reviewed research showed that Diatomic Molecular Hydrogen (H2) increased the efficiency of the mitochondria, producing more ATP in athletes. Drinking H2 infused UltraWater helps maintain the high ATP production needed during exercise - providing optimal strength, endurance and recovery. Imagine what it could do for you?

H2 water symbol H2 Reduces Muscle Fatigue

When you exercise, your lactic acid increases. Lactic acid buildup leads to:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Damage
  • Decreased Endurance
  • Reduced Performance
  • Poor Training Results

Peer-reviewed research on athletes shows that molecular hydrogen decreases lactic acid levels. So an easy and safe way to help reduce muscle fatigue is to stay hydrated with H2Viva.

H2 water symbol H2 for Incredible Antioxidant Power

Exercise requires more oxygen than most activities. Increases in oxygen can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions and cell damage. Oxidation is literally the aging process while antioxidants prevent or slow down the oxidative damage.

Most antioxidants neutralize bad radicals, but they can also neutralize the good ones that your body needs. The molecular hydrogen in H2Viva selectively targets the damaging oxygen radicals, leaving behind the good radicals. This makes it a superior antioxidant.

H2 water symbol H2 Improves your Hydration

When H2 molecules combine with and neutralize damaging oxygen radicals, they are transformed into water (H2O) - increasing your cellular hydration. H2Viva hydrogen tablets also create a light, silky-smooth tasting water, that is easy to drink. H2Viva helps you to easily enjoy optimal hydration.

H2 water symbol H2 Balances Your Electrolytes

H2Viva tablets infuses beneficial alkaline minerals that help your body maintain electrolyte balance – without adding the empty calories of sugary sports drinks.

H2 water symbol H2 is Backed by Science

Over 500 peer-reviewed articles published suggest therapeutic benefits of H2 in over 150 health conditions and diseases. These articles have been featured in many prestigious journals including:

  • Nature
  • PubMed
  • Science
  • The Journal of Medical Gas

H2 water symbol

H2Viva tablets dissolve more molecular hydrogen into your water than any other tablet or method.

Buy Now H2Viva H2 tablets

"I have been drinking hydrogen water from an ionizer for 10 years, and when I added two H2Viva tablets to my daily regimen, I noticed a marked increase in my regularity. I also experienced a significant reduction in pain with a slow-healing Achilles tendon injury." G. D., South Lake Tahoe

"As an endurance athlete I’m always looking for a performance edge. I’ve tried everything. H2Viva produced the most significant breakthrough in power, stamina and recovery compared to anything else I’ve tried. If you’re an athelete, you need to give this a try and see how it boosts your performance." J.H., Seattle WA

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