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Optimize Your Hydration:
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The Power of Hydrogen

Life can't exist without hydrogen. Smaller and lighter than even oxygen, it is highly pervasive. It penetrates the cell and sub-cellular compartments offering its unique triple-play of benefits. H2Viva is the most powerful molecular hydrogen supplement available. Power up.

But Wait…You Need Water!

Approximately 75% of the H2 research was conducted with water saturated with molecular hydrogen gas (H2).

We give you the Perfect Pitcher

It offers the cleanest water available from a pitcher and we have the test results to prove it. It releases a slight amount of magnesium optimizing the power of H2Viva . We’ve made our filter casing compostable so you are not only cleaner, you are greener.

Savings and Convenience

Save $20 and get a FREE Perfect Pitcher when you join by signing up for the Automatic Monthly Delivery (AMD).

H2Viva tablets. The Perfect Pitcher.
This Dynamic Duo will rock your world!

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