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Why H2Viva Hydrogen Tablets?

How does H2Viva compare to other hydrogen producing tablets?
We are aware of a few other H2 producing tablets that we believe are private labeled versions of a similar formula from the same manufacturer. They differ from ours in two significant ways:

The size of our oval tablet could be larger, or the formula slightly more powerful in our case. Regardless, if you test H2Viva H2 tablets against the others you will see – and feel – a demonstrable difference.

How does H2Viva compare to ingestible H2 tablets or powders?
There are two products currently on the market today: SevenPoint2’s 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX and PrimoH2. We believe these to be the same product branded differently. Both claim benefits. We’d strongly note:

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How do H2Viva hydrogen tablets compare to Source Naturals HydrogenBoost
and Patrick Flannigan’s MegaHydrate?

How do H2Viva hydrogen tablets compare to hydrogen sticks?
There are many relatively cheap hydrogen sticks available on the market. Hydrogen sticks do produce H2 gas.

How does H2Viva compare to other hydrogen producing products?
We strongly suggest that you consider the best resource - the research. Around 75% -80% of the available research on H2 was conducted with molecular hydrogen gas saturated water.
Delivery of molecular hydrogen by water is the method used in 75% of over 500 peer reviewed studies. H2Viva hydrogen tablets are the most powerful product available to super-saturate your water with H2 gas. They’re super convenient, very affordable, fast acting, portable and consistently produce the highest H2 saturation of any product available.

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